Time Capsule

With kindergarten out of the way for the week (today we learned about body parts!), I find myself on the verge of entering a time capsule. By that, I mean an enclosed space in which time is suspended while the rest of the world continues on. Translation deadline for the hip-teens-and-the-robots-who-love-them story is this Saturday, or Sunday if I fudge the time zone thing, which I will, and I’m fairly behind schedule. In fact, I shouldn’t be wasting time on LJ, but I thought I’d make it official because missing sleep is always something momentous for me. Especially when it’s planned. So until Saturday, the concept of a “day” only exists to serve as a benchmark for when I should have x amount of pages done–or more specifically, when I should have twenty pages done. Sounds easy, you say? Well perhaps you didn’t realize that the hip teenagers in question are connected to said loved robots through what can only be described with a bunch of BRAIN SCIENCE LINGO, Lord McSnootyfoot! Try cramming twenty pages of that a day down your pipe and smoking it! Daily!


Oh yeah, and today I discovered a great, dirty hole-in-the-wall kinda place with 300-yen medium-sized mugs of beer and 500-yen larges. Nice servers, interesting looking clientele, and within about two minutes of my place. May become a new nest.

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