Why I Hate Phones Part 1

I just had the following phone conversation after a call came from an unknown number:

Me: Hello?
Caller: Hello, Greg?
Me: Yes.
Caller: This is Yamamoto calling from . . .
Me: (thinking I recognized the voice as my Swedish friend Mikael’s) OHHH SHIT, I know that voice!
Caller: Ahahaha. Are you okay to talk now?
Me: Huh?
Caller: Are you okay now?
Me: (realizing Mikael probably wouldn’t have asked that) Oh, uh . . .sure, Mr. Yamamoto.

So Mr. Yamamoto is the principal of the kindergarten where I work. He’s my dad’s age and has excellent English, and he’s probably not the kind of person you should address with “OHHH SHIT, I know that voice!” especially when you’ve guessed the voice wrong.

Luckily he didn’t seem phased, which is probably because of differing views on profanity, plus it not being his first language. But man, how embarrassing. I guess that’s a testament to his excellent English though.

The much bigger issue is that he asked me to give a speech in Japanese at Monday’s graduation ceremony. As much as I love giving Japanese speeches, I sure don’t have the time to make one this week.

Oh yeah, and I might be moving.

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