I guess people might be wondering what happened to me. The answer is, a lot.

After the small fire at Rosetta Stone that I last posted about, I got a job in Tajimi, a neighboring country town. I’ve since moved there (here) with Yoko, into an apartment that’s over three times the size of my previous one. We had a rocky first month or so, with fights being both common and shitty. I thought about breaking up a lot, but instead I got so mad one night that I threw my phone and yelled some obscenities at her in English and told her she should be more grateful for having a nice family only a short train ride away when mine is about as far away as possible and I can’t even really talk to anybody here.

Since that, things have been going a little smoother, although I still believe that the dam will burst one day, or else we’ll just gradually drift apart. I’m trying to enjoy what we’ve got now though, which is a lot, when you think about it. We enjoy most of our time together, and we take care of each other.

The job has been going well. I teach students ages three to seventeen at a cram school. I’m also continuing my kindergarten job, which has become such a big, unnecessary headache that I can’t even believe it. I did the math this past Monday. For slightly under an hour of teaching time, I’m forced to make a seven-hour commitment every Monday and Tuesday Morning. I get to bed around 2 a.m. on Monday nights and have to wake up at 6 the next morning.

As for my translation stuff: Tokyo Pop, the largest American publisher of translated manga and novels from Japan, has apparently pulled the plug on some 200+ projects this year due to poor sales (I guess). Included were the two I was scheduled to do, and which I had been putting off doing, and which I had no interest in doing, so lucky me. You have to admit, they do publish mounds upon mounds of shit. How much demand could there possibly be in the States for hacky novels about all male, all gay high schools? Frankly, it’s a big relief. It was pretty embarrassing sitting on the train every morning, hunched over a book covered in pictures of boys making out with each other and stuff.

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