On board!

Holy shit.

On second thought, I guess I’ll just tell you what happened. So I was racing to make it to kindergarten in another prefecture on Saturday, and due to a mistake in purchasing my ticket, I was made to be about twenty-five minutes late. The principal called me from the train wondering if I was coming, and told me, perhaps jokingly, to run once I got off the train. Joking or not, I wondered if I was keeping a whole auditorium of wealthy parents waiting, as I was scheduled to be performing music for them. So once I finally got to the station, I bolted off the train and up the stairs, which were made of concrete, and which caught my foot along the way, sending me cascading, teeth-first, into them. My two upper front teeth shattered, and a woman next to me said something to the effect of “Oh me, oh my” before continuing up the stairs nonchalantly. As blood poured out of my lip, which had been sliced open by my now razor-sharp teeth shards, I continued to rush–limpingly–through the gate and to a taxi, which I tumbled into, still bloody and cursing in English. I looked up at the fresh-faced driver, who couldn’t have been any older than me, and possibly not any more Japanese. “I gotta get to this kindergarten,” I said between curses. He sheepishly took a note with the address from me and punched some buttons into his GPS navigation computer. Fifteen minutes later, our cab was stuck in the middle of a narrow bicycle path, teetering over a rice paddy, with tree branches scratching against us on the other side. Eventually the car came to a stop as the path was too narrow to proceed. I looked out the window to my left. The actual road was about five meters away. Why had he chosen to turn onto a three-foot wide bike path instead of a nice big road that obviously went in the same direction? Because the GPS computer said to go left, and instead of actually looking at the planet Earth, he was looking at a squiggly red line. So I pay him the fifteen bucks, get out of the car, and proceed on foot. Luckily the school was straight ahead, but I wasn’t in any condition to run. Ultimately, I missed the first two kid performances, but still managed to do my own two songs (Window Pain and My Positive View, for the curious), albeit with blood coming out my mouth all the while.

On a lighter note, I got my teeth mostly repaired yesterday for about 20 bucks, and it only took half an hour, and was completely painless. Seems too good to be true.

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