Fraud at City Hall

I went to the city hall today to update my Proof of Being a Foreigner Card, which is convenient to have in case people mistake you for a Japanese person (which in actuality has happened to me about twice). The process of updating your Proof of Being a Foreigner Card consists of going to the city hall, waiting around for awhile, and then having somebody write your visa details on the back of the card with a ball-point pen.

In reality, you’re supposed to do this within two weeks of updating your visa, which I knowingly failed to do. Being late presents no actual problem, but in the end they made me fill out a multiple choice form explaining my reason for being late. The choices were all things like “I didn’t know I had to do this” and “I was too busy”. My question is, does this form have any kind of impact on anything? I circled the “busy” option. I wonder if I’ll be snatched up by a couple of suits in a few days.

Offense: Fraud
Details: Claimed to be “too busy” to have city official write single line of ink on back of Proof of Being a Foreigner Card when granted a full two weeks to do so.

I guess they’d be right.

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