So add it to your dictionaries now.

Finally got a new computer. I can’t remember if I already explained, but my beloved and only four-year-old iBook met an untimely and drunken fate over our long holiday (“Golden Week”) when I accidentally spilled beer on it and then submerged the entire unit in a soapy, water-filled bathtub.

A friend told me it would work!

Anyway, it was already unusable once the beer had been spilled. And as much as it stings to suddenly part with two thousand dollars, which was most of my bonus for putting in a whole year of loyal service to my company, it sure is exciting getting a new computer. These new MacBooks are sleeker than speedboats covered in glass dolphins. And that’s the second sleekest thing I can think of. Next to new MacBooks.

Fun times ahead. I suppose I should use this as an opportunity to urge all you friends to get Skype if you don’t already have it. We could be talking in real time, whenever we want, for free, with video for crying out loud. And dammit it’s lonely out here. Last week I saw a moth and I wouldn’t let him leave.

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