Birthday and Sigourney Weaver

So my birthday ranged from terrible to livably okay. As I said before, Yoko and I both have colds, so we had to cancel our plans to go to Nagoya, which weren’t all that ambitious in the first place. Instead, we wandered around Tajimi. We discovered a new Italian restaurant, which was good, but we kind of got into an argument there and spent half the time in silence.

After that we wandered around for awhile before deciding to just rent the Ghostbusters movies, eat some fancy cake at the local fancy cake shop, and go home. We also bought a bar for our closet. The kind that uses tension to support itself so you don’t have to make any holes.

Well, two video stores didn’t have Ghostbusters, and the third store did. But as soon as we left the store it started pouring rain, presumably making us even sicker since we were on bikes. Fearing this, we decided to skip the birthday cake and just go home.

Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II were good, but not really BIRTHDAY good. When I was a kid I used to watch Ghostbusters II every single day. When you turn twenty-five and you still haven’t thought of anything better to do, it puts you in a bit of a dark mood.

Also, though, have you ever noticed that the plots of both Ghostbusters movies are terrible? The performances are so good and visual effects so charming that you hardly even think about it. You really have to respect the actors, and in particular I think Sigourney Weaver has an incredible ability to make the most ridiculous concepts halfway convincing. I won’t refer to the original Alien because that movie is magical in pretty much every way, but Sigourney pretty much single-handedly saved Aliens, and pushed Alien 3 to “amazing” status (in my mind).

And to those who say “What about Alien: Resurrection? That sucked!”, well, that’s just a sign of how incredibly sucky that movie was. Even she couldn’t save it. Especially since they made her a mutant clone monster.

I guess I’ll have some kind of “makeup” birthday when we’re both feeling better, if that ever happens. This cold just hit the two-week mark.

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