Tuesdays’ve Got To Go.

This post is actually about placing short contractions after long words in the spirit of the title word, “Tuesdays’ve”. No it’s not. But I have to say that I like that particular type of contraction because to me, such contractions’re meaningless. You’ve run a mile and now you’ve got the choice to run either three more feet or two more feet.

The core of the issue, however, is that Tuesdays are no good. It’s the longest day of work, not only for me, but for all human beings who work on Tuesdays, and especially those human beings who ONLY work on Tuesdays, if such people exist. Last week, by some bizarre twist of fate, Tuesday was removed from existence. Monday happened. I went to work as usual. I came home and slept. I woke up, went to Nanzan University for a reunion scheduled for Tuesday, found nobody there, went home in the evening, slept, woke up again, and it was Wednesday. With Tuesday gone, the work week felt more like a summer vacation peppered with occasional fun ‘n games sessions.

Today, Tuesday’s back. It brings with it the rain and a lack of direction. Although I suppose Wednesday is likely to come next.

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