Well, it’s all up to the gods now. I think I might’ve passed, but I also think I might’ve not passed.


-The proctor, as was the case in 2007, sucked. She was generally unfriendly throughout, wore a mask on her face so that everything she said was constantly being drowned out by the creaks and cracks of people’s chairs and desks. Also, during the reading segment, which is the longest and hardest, and requires the most concentration, she announced that we had a remaining five minutes of test time when in reality we still had about an hour and twenty minutes. The blanket of shock she managed to cast over the entire classroom broke my concentration and probably everyone else’s, for at least a solid minute or two. I don’t understand how you could screw that job up. All you have to do is read instructions, look at the time, and pass out and collect people’s shit. She managed to fail at all of these (she actually missed collecting some people’s answer keys until they called after her to stop, and when one person dropped their test voucher, she picked it up, looked at the mug shot of the person on it, and still managed to hand it to the wrong person). I thought that with help this terrible, it must’ve been a volunteer gig, but Yoko was quick to point out that these test proctors get paid really well–probably around $20 an hour.

-Also, the final question of the listening section was an homage to Neon Genesis Evangelion, the anime. They were like “We’re being attacked by an unknown lifeform! Launch Unit 00!” “We can’t! Our pilot’s been…” “I’ll go.” “Captain, you?! But…” “I must…” “Leave it to me!” “ASUKA?! No! You can’t!” “She’s . . .gone.” Well, something like that anyway. Pretty ridiculous, but I was impressed that they managed to keep the listening section pretty interesting throughout. There was another one about child psychology, and one about two people’s interpretations of modern art.

-There was one other white guy taking the test in my room, and probably about two other ones total. The rest of the people looked Chinese with smatterings of Koreans here and there. I guess that explains why the study books never have English instructions even though they’ve got Chinese and Korean.

All in all, I think I did considerably better than I did two years ago, and there were probably about ten times when I thought to myself, “Thank god I studied hard this year and crammed yesterday” because there were things I definitely would’ve gotten wrong if I hadn’t. I think that final day of cramming saved me more than a few times. Of course now it feels like the weekend should be starting, not ending.

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