Australia: Part One of Question Mark

So I’m in Australia now. I think everything would’ve seemed funnier if I hadn’t come from Japan. ‘Cuz there’s no topping Japan. Still, Sydney is a beautiful place with (so far) perfect skies and weird birds everywhere. Also, flying foxes by the hundreds. They kind of look like someone wrapped a dead bat around a weasel and hung it upside down.

It’s been good to see TIm again as well as his cat, who I now realize I’ve known longer than any of my friends (meaning since middle school). He keeps licking my arm and then rubbing his head against it, which may seem like an expression of affection, but actually he’s just using me to clean himself. What a goon.

Then last night, we went to a place called the Excelsior Hotel for an Open Mic Night. Tim informs me that all pubs in Australia are called “Something Hotel” and have actual rooms for rent, but that nobody actually stays in them, they’re just like that. I guess kind of like how Gentlemen’s Clubs aren’t really geared towards gentlemen. At any rate, they let me sign up for the Open Mic and I played two songs. The guy introduced me, saying “This is Greg. He’s a virgin.” Just as I thought the cat was out of the bag, he qualified it: “. . .at this Open Mic!” Gahahaha.

Anyway, more tales to come.

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