“Get Into It!”

It’s been my motto for the last few years, since I lived with a certain Australian roommate who used to frequently exclaim it. “Get into it, mate! It’ll be mad! Dingo crocodile didgeridoo!”

He didn’t say the last part, but he implied it, as they often do.

It’s a surprisingly powerful motto just as my roommate turned out to be a surprisingly inspirational human being. I wanted to plaster the motto on my wall over my doorframe so that every time I walked out of the room trying to extract myself from whatever goings-on were frustrating or boring me at the moment, I would remember that I should in fact be doing the opposite and becoming more submerged. Here’s a few other pointers that I should get plastered somewhere or, um, everywhere.

1. If the ideas aren’t coming, it’s because you haven’t been doing enough living. Go do some and come back to it.

2. The gleaming berg of inspiration we strive to reach is quickest found via the alignment of two or more inspirational sources.

As evidence, let’s look at my favorite songs from my own repertoire:

-The Ghost: “I miss my sort-of-spooky girlfriend and Japan” + “This ghost movie is actually about how lonely we all are” (the movie was “Pulse”)

-Atomic Girl: Suicidal disaster girl + Trip to Hiroshima

-Girl/Car: Girlfriend dumps me + Car breaks down

-Bondage, Baby: “Invention of Freedom” class + Roommate gets dumped, becomes pathetic wreck in a way that is eye-openingly familiar.

It seems gauche to end after two and not three or five, but that’s all I’ve got for now. More to come maybe.

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