October, Thy Name Be Praised

Well, friends, October is upon us, so let us rejoice. October–a month of brown and orange splendor, pumpkin-spice confections, bittersweet memories of new beginnings and hearts broken, and of course, daily horror movies! Yes, daily. I’m gonna do it again, like I did last year. By October 31st, I’ll be so burnt out and depraved that I should feel quite the monster myself, only to wash it all away November 1st.

I’ll try to make handy recommendations as often as I can bear so those who have the time and the nerve can join in the madness with me. Today’s is the debut feature film of now-world-class director Hideo Nakata, the man who brought us the original “Ring”. The movie is called Joyûrei, and you can watch it for free, right this very instant, here. I highly recommend it if you have even a passing curiosity towards Japanese horror. It is (mostly) subtle and amazing. I even reviewed it, Greg-style, right here.

I’m also way open to the suggestions of others. Way open. If you’ve got one I haven’t seen, I’ll be thrilled. I’m also just generally curious about what everybody’s favorite horror movies are.

Happy October, everyone. Thinking of my friends back home, for fall is the time when crazy things went down amongst us, and I will never forget the things.

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