The Moore You Know – Rebirth!

Welp, it’s been in the mental works for some time now, but I’m finally getting my act together and migrating to WordPress as my creative venue of choice. Consider it a rebirth, of sorts. Hence, pictures of baby primates!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, the slow loris.


‘Course, I’ll probably be populating this thing with a bunch of old content for starters, so maybe it’s not so much a rebirth as, uh, a change of venue. But nevertheless, BABY PRIMATES!!!


The alleged existence of the baby sloth is thought to be some kind of ongoing Andy Kaufman joke. I mean come on.

Anyway, some fun facts about this blog:


-I seriously considered naming it “The Moore You Know,” a puntacular title coined by My Oldest Friend and The Funniest Guy I Know John, the guy also behind the equally puntacular net handle that I use at work. But ultimately I decided against it because I feel like if I don’t start cutting down on my pun usage I’m somehow going to regain my virginity. Also because that title would assume the reader knows me (me being the “Moore” in question), and while in theory you will be getting to know me by reading this blog even if you didn’t know me from real life already, it’s sure not going to turn a lot of random heads from beyond the cyber-ether. Not sure “The Hammering Heart” will either, but at least it’s got heart. Aha.

-The title, “The Hammering Heart,” comes from the song “Hammering Heart,” one of my favorite songs off my very favorite album of all time–Del Amitri’s eponymous first. Frontman and lead songwriter and vocalist Justin Currie has since thoroughly documented his disdain for this early work (he was only 20 at the time of its recording), and most of the band’s long-time fans have thoroughly echoed those sentiments, but dammit: I submit that they are all missing genius as it rambles and toodles in their faces (ears).

For the curious, here it is.

Mind you, this is the song’s superior, alternate version with the haunting backup vocals at the end. I’d get into it, but that is another post for another time.

-This is intended to be a catch-all weblog of my musings, theories, rants, creations, and assessments. But things will be generally divided amongst a handful of topics which you can navigate in the sidebar Topics widget.

Okay okay okay, you’re probably getting bored. BABY PRIMATE INTERLUDE!!!

Keep tryin', little buddy. Just keep tryin'.

Moving on:

-I do not intend to talk about my work in any specific terms on this blog, so if you want to hear me talk about my work, go check out the blog that I write for work. If you don’t know what that blog is, then you probably don’t care. So yeah.

Well, in the name of quitting while ahead, perhaps I shall quit while ahead, which I just know some internet dickhead out there is going to go, “You mean EIGHT PARGRAPHS AGO?!”

Well, dickhead, way to spell. Way to fucking spell.

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