On Being More Emotive. OR, “Hey, Remember Kani?”

So I’ve gone and populated this bad-boy with the most relevant and-or resilient of my postings from former venue LiveJournal. You will find that this had made this blog something of a mess, since I have yet to add in “More” tags to each post, and there are probably some weird formatting problems. But at least there’s content! Go ahead, take a gander. Put your Saturday to good use.

Those who have even a casual acquaintanceship with me will have probably gathered by now that I’m a pretty sentimental chap, what with all the mementos strewn about my cubicle and songs about shit-that-used-to-suck-but-that-has-appreciated-in-value-over-time. My friends’ wedding (I’m proud and delighted to say that both the bride and groom are friends) last October spurred a nostalgia kick so swift that it sent me hurtling through a binge of Wonder Years episodes and old LiveJournal entries. Yes, I daresay I read through each and every entry I’d written between the summer of 2003 and present day.

What I discovered was a very clear and perhaps abrupt transition from emotive, spontaneous “brain spewing” to topical essays on language and culture. I blame the placidity and mundanity of my past relationship combined with my frustration whilst living in rural Japan combined with my boredom whilst sitting on long-ass train rides to Kani.

That was all well and good. The topical entries showed a narrowing of focus and probably served as more worthwhile reading material. But. . . what of those old, undistilled entries that immortalized my feelings at given moments, that served as historical records in a pure form? I realized this past fall that, while many of those old entries were embarrassingly revealing, they were invaluable windows into my own past by that same token.

With my migration to this new venue, I would like to make a habit of being less necessarily topical, and occasionally just talk about stuff that I’ve been doing, things I’ve been feeling.

I will do this.

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