Have Ya Paid Your Dues?

Lately I’ve taken to recording myself talking in my car, that I might fulfill the following purposes:

1) Overcoming boredom.

2) Feeling a bit more like Jack Burton in “Big Trouble in Little China.”

Yes, sir, the check is in the mail.

The first of the results are as you see above. It was nice being back home, except for that part where the person almost killed me.

4 thoughts on “Have Ya Paid Your Dues?

  1. Hey now, I put the phone down for the turns. But yeah, I kind of realized the inconvenience of doing this with the camera so since then I’ve just been recording audio with the phone set down. But I wanted to record The Dark, yo.

    Also: Always with the naysaying!

    1. Man oh man. There was a little slice of time in high school where I listened to DC101 everyday and used it as my alarm clock in the morning. I’m pretty sure if I heard anything now that was in their regular rotation from around 1999-2000, I would go into a sort of Pavlovian drooling state.

      Also thanks for making me laugh ‘n stuff.

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