The To-Go Cup

Photo 33

The to-go cup. The inner wall is round so that to anyone inside the cup, it would appear to never end. Sealed in by infinity. Black industrial lid with no fewer than two logos on a single surface lets the consumer know we’re talking business. This is business, guys.

When it comes to coffee, I’m not a big fan of the to-go cup. Even if in this case it is made entirely out of recyclable or compostable elements, the fact remains, like a mastodon in the corner of a roomful of elephants, that this manner of cup will in all cases destroy the soul of the drink.

The more I think about it, the more I feel that I am, on an abstract, figurative level, kind of an animist, per that one other post I did on the matter.

I’ve got a weekend coffee routine, see, wherein I order a big ol’ mug of cappuccino, and, when the timing is right, drink it. I don’t suppose it’s the most remarkable routine, but it’s one of the few routines in my life about which I get excited rather than fetal and quivering.

One essential element of this cappuccino is of course the glazed ceramic mug in which it comes. The mug, like the routine, is not remarkable, save for the fact that it is a mug. Solid, weighted, glazed. It makes a “clunk” with each return to the table. The color compliments that of the coffee. It tells the drinker, “Stay awhile. You won’t be going anywhere with that thing.” That’s what I want. By contrast, the to-go cup with its “recyclable” symbol and “CAUTION HOT!” admonishment says to the drinker, “I literally can’t wait until I am trash again” and “You don’t even know what coffee is.” Neither of these messages should be revered as mottos for aspiring receptacles.

To say nothing of the displeasing aesthetic. The color of the cup neither compliments the color of the coffee, nor can the drinker even see the color of the coffee.

This morning they were out of clean mugs. “Do you want, like, a to-go cup?” the barista asked. It was the most conflicted I’d felt all week, and on Thursday I had a vasectomy. Not really. But let’s have a laugh, can we?

Anyway. Some better things out of which to drink coffee:

IMG_1712↑ A mug.

IMG_1592↑ A hand-made Japanese mug with wabi-sabi tendencies.

la boulange capuccino↑ A huge freaking bowl.

Open to other suggestions. That’s what them comments are for.

Anyway, stay tuned for my next installment, “Drinking Coffee Out of a Glass – I May As Well Have Worn a Bra to Work Today, for Fuck’s Sake.”



2 thoughts on “The To-Go Cup

  1. Coffee in a glass is…not that bad! But then, you know how much (not very) I drink coffee. But if I were going to drink it, I sure wouldn’t have it in a to-go cup. Now that you mention it, it is a pretty wonderful symbol of the American inability to enjoy anything, least of all coffee, in a sedate manner. Where could one be running to that prevents 15 minutes of idle coffee drinking? I do not know.

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