Longer than a Tweet; ergo, blogworthy


Dear TheHammeringHeart,

On Friday I went to the Moscone Center to listen to people’s professional tips on how to play video games on the internet and also drew a horse with a flying V implant. Hebrew year 5787 is off with a bang.

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On the State of the Japanese Film Industry and Also Myself

Electric Asano

The less I write on this site, the more the writing on this site becomes centered around apologizing for not writing more on this site, but The Hammering Heart was never intended as a blog about not writing, so I will spare any excuses and simply say, “Hello.”

This past summer was defined in part by a series of wakeup calls. Each of the calls suggested that, despite how I’ve constructed an identity for myself as a Guy who Likes Japanese Film, I might not actually be that into Japanese film.  Continue reading “On the State of the Japanese Film Industry and Also Myself”