This is intended to be a catch-all weblog of my musings, theories, rants, creations, and assessments. But things will be generally divided amongst a handful of topics which you can navigate via the tabs at the top of the page.

The title, “The Hammering Heart,” comes from the song “Hammering Heart,” one of my favorite songs off my very favorite album of all time–Del Amitri’s eponymous first. Frontman and lead songwriter and vocalist Justin Currie has since thoroughly documented his disdain for this early work (he was only 20 at the time of its recording), and most of the band’s long-time fans have thoroughly echoed those sentiments, but dammit: I submit that they are all missing genius as it rambles and toodles in their faces (ears).

For the curious, here it is.

Del Amitri – Hammering Heart

Also, several years ago my life hit a brick wall and as a strange result, I developed a paranoia about my heart, which was actually fine. But at that time the anxiety got so bad that I had to work myself into a creative fervor to distract myself from what seemed like a ticking timebomb inside my chest. That fervor propelled me as a writer, composer, and explorer, pushed me to Japan, where I lived for nearly four years, and then pushed me back to the States, where I now reside and feel relatively fine. Looking back, I think that the hammering inside my chest was caused by dissatisfaction; it was a demand that I pave a better path for myself and continue to do things that excited me.

Let this blog be a home for that fervor and a vow to never lose it–to replace anxiety and paranoia with insight and discovery, and yes, the occasional picture of a slow loris. Because man!

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