Still beating!

Well, hell.

It feels like I haven’t updated this thing since, like, August 17th 2013. Much has happened. I’ll get to that. But for the time being let this just stand as my re-inaugural address–a sort of state of the union, or figurative CPR chest-pumping of the figurative hammering heart stopped hammering.

As promised in my about page, there will be occasional pictures of slow lorises. This, I feel, is an occasion, and hence:

slow loris


I mean COME on!!

Slow loris for president.

Anyway. Still beating. I will update this thing more. Soon.

My Very Favorite Album – Hammering Heart


There were two things that annoyed me as a teenager: disaffected, cynical teenagers; and just about everything else. The irony of this may have been lost on me at the time, but without  emotional contradiction, adolescence is just one long series of trips to the shoe store. Other annoyed teens in my midst drowned out their own screaming brains and gasping hearts with slacked expressions and screamo punk that to them was the only real music, or else radio rap so over-produced, under-thought, and distant from anything that could be defined in good conscience as music that it would form a glaze of apathy over them, hardening with time.

I couldn’t stand a cliché. At least, not once I’d noticed it. The frustration for me came from lack of recourse. Every type of emotional reaction felt cliché to me. I couldn’t stand the scripted timbre of a person’s voice when they’d say things like, “Apparent-LY!” Or worse, the lines peers would lift verbatim from TV and movies and apply to their own banal lives. “You don’t understand me!” or “You’ve ruined my life!” Fuck off, your life is fast food and field hockey. Some little kid somewhere just lost his arm and now he’s got to find a way to work the fields without it.

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